Babies & Infant Programme

  • Warm 30+ Degree Water

  • Positive and Friendly

  • Teach Your Baby to Love Water

  • Free Introduction Class

Swimming has not only been clinically proven to greatly benefit childrens cognitive development. allows your child to develop independence, gain confidence and encourages them to try new things.

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$18.30 ($17.80 when paying by Direct Debit)


Our Classes

Our specifically designed programme is aimed at the developmental age of a child. Our qualified tutors provide a warm, safe and caring environment to ensure a great start to your child's swimming journey!

We are very focused on watersafety.
Each lesson will include: Safe entry, Hello Song, Warm up activity, Revised skills, New skills, Warm down, Goodbye Song, Safe Exit


Parent in Water
newborn - 6 months


Parent in Water
5 months - 10/12 months


Parent in Water
10/12 months - 22/24 months


Parent in Water
22/24 months - 34/36 months


Parent in Water
34/35 months - starting school


Parent in Water
38 months - starting school
(confident submerging)


4 years - starting school
(Independant on front and back)


SWIMOLUTION Introduction Programme
Every Monday @ 1.30pm - First session FREE - No booking required.

Lessons run for 25 minutes. Monday - Sunday (excluding Saturday).
Parents/caregivers over age 16 are required in the water with the child.


Quotes from parents

"Tutors have an excellent ability to cater lessons to the children's ability and confidence, while still moving them forward"
Robert N

"Brings the whole family together"

" see how much he has grown in confidence - he wouldn't ever get that in a paddling pool"

Kings Swim School - providing quality infant, baby & toddler swimming lessons in Christchurch.


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